Freight Services

Our “Cold Chain Advantage” program lets you consolidate your other boxes and ship them into our local facility on our refrigerated trucks. We offer this service from Miami or California. There are several days of departures during the week. Your boxes ride with ours in state of the art refrigerated trailers and remain in our coolers until delivered to you via our trucks or picked up by you. NO MINIMUMS. Ship any number of boxes. It is as easy as telling the shipper to ship via CP&F. Call your local CPF for details.

Our “Local Delivery Advantage” program allows you to drop a truckload of smaller local deliveries at our facility and we re-deliver the smaller drops for you. This program works great for companies that have several smaller orders to deliver within our delivery range but making the deliveries themselves via a semi-truck is impractical and uneconomical. Call your local CPF for details.

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